Psychic Readings

As my abilities have grown over time as an energy healer, so have my psychic (intuitive) abilities. I now have so much psychic information come through for clients during their energy healing sessions that I’ve realized my path is also to provide guidance to clients in addition to healing their energetic bodies.

As such, I now offer psychic readings as a stand-alone service.

Intuitive information typically comes to me through imagery (clairvoyance) and words or phrases (clairaudience). Occasionally, I “just know” something as well (claircognizance).

In a half hour session, we will be able to cover between 1-2 issues that are going in your life for which you would like guidance. In an hour session, we can cover between 2-4 issues.

I will provide you with notes that I take during our session, which are helpful for you to refer to later after the session is finished.

  • 1 hour session (available in-person or via phone, Skype or FaceTime): $125

  • 1/2 hour session (available in-person or via phone, Skype or FaceTime): $62

Heather and I chatted for 30 min. Her connection was amazing. Her visions brought tears, smiles, laughter and amazement. I was reminded of small but meaningful actions for my health. Be prepared for honest direction. I asked a very specific question regarding my business. The answer was not what my plans were. Redirecting plans for 2019. Thank you Heather.
— Terri R.
My discussion with Heather felt like a blessing. I got a 30-minute psychic reading with her and it was filled with helpful information. I really appreciate her authenticity. She explained how her process works and we had brief discussions about what she was receiving from her guides. My experience with Heather felt significantly more genuine than a past psychic reading I’ve had. I highly recommend Heather.
— Allie C.