Stress, anxiety and other blocks to our well-being and personal growth can be stored in your "energetic body", which includes the energy field that extends out past your physical body, and your chakra system, which are energy “hubs” that process emotions. 

Energy healing activates your subtle energy systems to remove blocks and promote healing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

When I’m performing energy healing, I’m working on the issue at its source.

I’m removing the issue from your energetic body, where it is essentially lodged. Energy healing brings you back into a natural state of balance.

Because I’m working on the root cause of issues, healing (both emotional and physical) can happen at a much quicker pace than other methods you may have tried.

I utilize a combination of Reiki (which is an energy healing modality I channel through my hands), crystals, essential oils and a pendulum (a crystal on a chain) in my sessions.

I'm also extremely intuitive and can often provide you with actionable information about how you can improve your life and circumstances.

In addition to my energy healing work, I’ve also learned to hone my intuitive abilities in order to provide psychic readings. Pulling from a combination of imagery (clairvoyance), wording (clairaudience) and “just knowing” (claircognizance), I am able to offer clients actionable advice on the issues for which they are seeking guidance. 

I specialize in working with professional women who are overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed.

Move past your current stress, anxiety and blocks into a life of joy and positivity. Experience impactful changes and huge shifts in your life with energy healing and psychic guidance.