Reiki Level One Class

Saturday, January 26, 2019. 10:30am - 4:00pm. $215

Reiki is an energy healing modality that is easy and accessible to all. With a primary focus on self-healing, the Reiki 1 class is a powerful tool for you to learn to heal mind, body and soul. In this class, you’ll be provided and learn:

  • The history of Reiki

  • The “degrees” of Reiki

  • Reiki hand positions for self and others

  • Techniques for giving Reiki to yourself and others during a session

  • You’ll receive four attunements to open you to be a healing channel for Reiki energy

  • The opportunity for hands-on practice with classmates

Sign up for the class here. A $100 deposit is required to hold your spot in class.

Reiki Level Two Class

Sunday, January 27, 2019. 10:30am - 4:00pm. $250

Further your Reiki practice through Reiki Two, where you’ll learn symbols and distance healing techniques. In this class you will:

  • Receive and learn the Reiki Two symbols, which powerfully increase your healing ability

  • Learn how to give distance Reiki to people and places who are not physically with you

  • Learn additional applications of Reiki not taught in Reiki One

  • Receive two attunements

  • Practice your increased ability with classmates

Sign up for the class here. A $100 deposit is required to hold your spot in class.

An Evening of Abundance

Tuesday, February 19, 2019. 6:30pm - 8:00pm. $80

Part workshop, part guided meditation, and part attunement, An Evening of Abundance will shift your mindset about attracting abundance and wealth into your life.

You’ll participate in The Energy Synergist’s “Raising Your Energetic Frequency to Attract Abundance” workshop, followed by a guided money meditation in which you will be attuned (made a channel) to Money River Reiki, a form of Reiki created by Linda Colibert.

You’ll leave the evening with a powerful shift towards attracting more abundance and money into your life in magical ways. No previous Reiki experience is required.

Sign up for the evening here.