You're Doing Too Much

I saw a client this past weekend for an energy healing session and a psychic reading. She told me she has her own business and frequently feels like she is having difficulty making decisions about which direction to head next.

As we talked further, I found out more about her. She doesn’t just “have her own business.” She employs over 50 people.

She is the president of a local civic organization.

She rarely eats at home. Typically, she is meeting with clients, prospective clients, or meeting with board members for every meal of the day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all eaten out.

This may be an extreme example, but this situation is one I see in my energy healing business time and time again.

I work with women who have high anxiety and stress. A massive part of the reason they feel this way is that they are doing too much. Moving from one tasks to the next, from one family obligation to the next. They are high achievers and want to accomplish a lot.

And they want to do it all with a high degree of integrity and caliber.

They are getting caught in a loop of no down time, always being ramped up. When they aren’t doing something, they feel like they are wasting time or being unproductive.

Their autonomic nervous system is on overload, hence the stress and anxiety. Hence the thyroid issues. Hence the massive insomnia.

Does this sound a lot like you?

The real question is: why are you doing too much?

You most likely have limiting beliefs and energetic blocks that were formed in childhood or adolescence. Those blocks in your energy field are limiting your full potential and causing you to play out the same scenario again and again.

You’re looking for a way out. It is possible to do less and have more.

It is possible to feel good, feel relaxed, sleep well and still have a thriving career and a thriving family.

The perpetual cycle of push, push, push isn’t working any longer and there is a way out through energy healing. In removing the limiting beliefs and energetic blocks, the compulsion to keep DOING will disappear and your true nature (which is light, peaceful and calm) will begin to emerge.

The Answer Is Already Within You

In January, I provided a lot of psychic readings. I was offering a promotional rate and didn’t know how many clients were interested. The answer was A LOT.

When I’m conducting readings, my guides are rather practical about the information that they provide me with on behalf of the client. I ask my guides for clarity about a specific topic that is an area of concern for the client and I’m am shown images (this is called clairvoyance) that convey the information I’m to relay to the client. I also hear words and phrases (called clairaudience) and “just know” things (called claircognizance).

I piece together the information that I receive from my guides to give the client clear guidance and direction regarding what they should know or what they should do in relation to this area of concern.

But here’s the deal. Often times, the client already knows the answer. They know what they should do.

I give them information from my guides and they say something like “That’s what I’ve been thinking. It’s good to hear it from you” or “It’s nice to get validation because I was just thinking I should do that yesterday.”

Yep, just that day or the day before the session, the client had already had the “solution” pop in for them. I told them, via my guides, what they already knew.

Oftentimes people need to hear things more than once, from multiple sources to pay attention. I guess we need to be “hit over the head with a brick” to really get it! I can empathize, because that’s been me in the past too. We are human after all.

But my big message here is: you are your own best guide. You are being given signs and messages from YOUR guides all the time. Synchronicities are being orchestrated on your behalf. You just have to notice the messages when they are being given to you.

Don’t dismiss the ideas that pop into your head. Don’t dismiss the things that other people say to you that seem so coincidental. Don’t dismiss that feeling you get – the pressure in your head or the feeling in your gut.

These are signs for you to pay attention to.

Of course I would love to provide you with a psychic reading to get you on course and feeling confident. But know that you already have the answers.

More Self Love Baby Girl

Self-care has become a popular phrase in our society. We’re supposed to take time for ourselves: take a bath with candles, eat healthy, get enough sleep, meditate. I fully embrace the concept of self-care and subscribe to the practice as much as possible.

Self-love however, is way more important than self-care, and isn’t really talked about much at all, at least from what I’ve seen.

Self-love is essentially having compassion for yourself. It is the practice of relating to yourself with love and kindness, without judging yourself or criticizing yourself. It’s the art of not regretting your decisions, or labeling them as “mistakes.” It’s the art of not fretting over the things you wish you did or think you should have done.

It’s important to give ourselves some slack, to not be so hard on ourselves. Treat yourself with kindness and know that everything happens for a reason and that you are doing to the best you can.

If you behave a way in that you don’t like, with curiosity (not judgement) ask yourself “I wonder what is underneath the surface that drove me to behave that way.”

We all have patterns ingrained in us from society and our upbringing that cause us to behave in specific ways. Everything, truly everything, is a lesson in this life.

If you keep repeating the same behavior patterns, it is because there is a lesson that you have not yet “got.”

You’re being given the opportunity again so you can learn whatever it is that you are supposed to learn.

If you shift your mindset out of judgement and belittling yourself to a place a curiosity, you’ll start to uncover the reasons you are behaving the way you are. That first acknowledgement that you want to improve is the way out.

When you approach yourself with compassion, you are being mindful which enables you to be more kind to yourself. Your compassion is highly effective in changing your behavior, far more effective than shame could ever be.

Everyone screws up. We’re human.

When you do, just ask yourself “What can I learn from this opportunity?” or “How can I do better next time? And what structures can I put into place that will help me succeed?” This thought pattern will enable you to guide yourself in the right direction and give you the strength to try again.