Even Energy Healers Get the Blues

July was a really rough month for me. The month actually started off great. I has signed a lease on my new office, was seeing a lot of clients, and having a general all-around good time. Then, around the middle of the month I started feeling icky and not myself. 

The fun and excitement of my new office quickly became a real hassle. I was given money from the landlord to build a kitchenette and was responsible for overseeing the construction. The budget was really tight and I wound up spending a lot of time finding contractors to do the various stages of work.

Plumbers are apparently a really hot commodity in Austin. I kept telling people that today's youth need to become trades people, because plumbers were booked months out.

Physically, I was feeling really "off" as well, and had underlying anxiety every day. I kept trying to shift myself out of the negative feeling, to tell myself that I was doing something brand new (leasing an office) and that I was learning things that may be valuable to me in the future in some way that's not apparent to me now.

If I get in a funk, it's never for more than a day. But this was over a week where I just felt "blah." 

I knew that there was a ton of energy shifting at that time, as we neared a lunar eclipse on July 27th. I talked with others who, like me, are susceptible to planetary changes. A lot of people were feeling really, really out of sorts.

But, that knowledge didn't really help me feel better. I kept thinking "Yeah, but I'm an energy healer. I'm not supposed to be in a bad mood and cranky for over a week. I'm supposed to be able to shift myself out of this."

The day after the eclipse, I started to feel better. I started to feel more joyous and positive each day. After I started to feel more like a normal person, I had a big realization.

Just because I'm an energy healer doesn't mean I'm not going to feel bad. It doesn't mean I'm only going to have the "ups." Of course I'm going to have the "downs" too, because I'm human.

What I had done to myself was defaulted to an old pattern of perfectionism, and I was beating myself up over not behaving and feeling how I thought I was supposed to be.

When perfectionism is at play, we have the unreasonable expectation that we have to get everything right. It isn't about things actually being perfect; it's about thinking things should be perfect.

Because I'm a healer and spiritual teacher, I thought I had to be like a Buddha on a mountain -- all peace and harmony. That is pretty silly, if you think about it.

So now, I'm reminded to just be me and acknowledge my feelings instead of dismissing them, judging them or pushing them away.

If you struggle with perfectionism in your life, and are tired of it "running the show," I'd love to work with you in some one-on-one sessions.

The Single Best Thing You Can Do To Reduce Your Anxiety

As a professional energy healer, I work primarily with overworked, overstressed women with a high degree of anxiety. Some are on antidepressants or antianxiety medication. Some are in therapy. Some are utilizing both of those approaches.

But, they all come to see me because they want something different for their lives and from their lives. They are tired of the conventional approaches not working and are tired of feeling “stuck” with the way things are.

They are willing to try something new because they are so incredibly ready for change in their lives. They want to feel calm, at peace, joyous and free.

They come to me usually because someone they know has told them about energy healing (or Reiki specifically) as a possible alternative approach to their situation. They may never have heard of energy healing if their friend or family member hadn’t mentioned it.

Therefore, they don’t typically know much about energy healing or how it works.

I explain to them that energy healing works on the “root cause” of issues. Emotional blocks and past traumas are stored in the energetic body, which includes our energy field that extends out past our physical body, and our chakra system, which are energy “hubs” that process emotions. 

When I’m performing energy healing, I’m working on the issue at its source. The anxiety that the client is feeling is what I refer to as “downstream.”

She has already processed an issue through her energy field and is now manifesting the issue in physical form in her body. I’m removing the issue from the energetic body, where it is essentially lodged. I am healing at a higher level when I’m performing energy healing, bringing the client back into a natural state of balance.

Because I’m working on the root cause of issues, healing (both emotional and physical) can happen at a much quicker pace than other methods the client may have tried.

My clients want to take an active role in positive shifts in their lives, and the number one question I get from clients who come to see me is “What can I be doing on my own?” and my response is always “Meditate.”

I started a daily meditation practice about four months ago. Before that, I would meditate a few times a week, but there wasn’t really rhyme or reason to when I would meditate.

I decided I needed to commit to a daily practice for 30 days. That turned into two months, then three months, and I haven’t stopped after four months.

Some days meditation is easier than other days. On the good days, I feel all gooey and blissed out. On the non-easy days, my brain won’t shut off the entire time I sit trying to meditate.

But that’s ok. It’s practice not perfection. The more one meditates, the easier it gets.

The benefits of meditation are immense, which is why I suggest it to so many of my clients. When we focus on our breath and attempt to quiet our minds on a consistent basis, we start to notice the times in our daily lives where our thoughts are “going wild” and we feel out of control.

Meditation increases the awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. Therefore, over time, we start to feel less stress because we notice our thoughts and can separate them as just mind-chatter, and don’t have to take every thought as reality.

A consistent meditation practice will decrease depression, anxiety and stress. It will increase positive emotions and positively affect one’s physical health as well. One’s patience and compassion will increase as well. Productivity gets a boost also.

You can see why I recommend meditation to so many of my clients, and why I’ve committed to a daily meditation practice as well. Of course I recommend it for you too!

If you feel like you need a “kick-start” in the right direction of reducing your anxiety, I would love to work with you in a one-on-one session to help remove the cause of your anxiety at the source.

I’m the Most Logical, Analytical Energy Healer You’ll Ever Meet

When people who don’t know me meet me for the first time, I often hear comments alluding to the fact that I must have grown up in a spiritually inclined household, or that I must have always been very in touch with my intuitive gifts. It’s an understandable assumption, but not accurate.

My mom did tell me to “trust my gut” frequently when I was growing up, but she didn’t really give me concrete examples of how she trusted her intuition to her benefit, so her telling me to use my intuition was to me, a suggestion without basis.

Also, my immediate and extended family weren’t particularly religious or spiritual, so I didn’t grow up with very much exposure to those viewpoints. I did have an aunt who was “into” tarot cards for a brief phase, but that was about the extent of my metaphysical exposure!

Since I was a small child, I’ve always been extremely logical and analytical. I’m a true strategist and can easily find and piece together seemingly disparate bits of information, put them together to form a bigger picture, and then make decisions based on the information. I have a master’s degree in library science, and I used to work in technology. This analytical prowess made me very good at the work I used to do professionally.

I actually love these aspects of my personality. Simply put, being logical and analytical is very useful in life and business.

But, there was another world that opened up for me when I had my first Reiki session. I started sensing other people’s energy when I was sitting next to them. I started seeing my chakra colors when I would go to a yoga class and was in various postures.

I started having undeniably obvious intuitive information come to me that I couldn’t dismiss or “write off.” Because all of these really momentous, completely new experiences were happening to me at a pretty quick pace, I didn’t overanalyze any of them.

These experiences were outside my normal process of researching EVERYTHING, questioning and analyzing. It was a completely different world, and I just decided to go with the flow because I was actually having a lot of fun with all of these really weird things that were happening to me.

Years later, after that first Reiki experience I am now a very different, dual sided person, in the best way. I’m still logical and analytical, but I’m very spiritual and highly intuitive. It’s like I became a far more balanced person, whereas before, I was tilted really, really far over to one side. I was completely out of touch with an aspect of myself that is just as valuable as the “left brain” side.

Now I utilize both my logic AND my intuition in my personal life, to make decisions about my business, and to help serve my clients. It is truly the best of both worlds. 

A large portion of the clients who come to see me have never had an energy healing session before and because of my analytical, logical side, I’m able to clearly articulate to them, in a very relatable way, how and why energy healing works.

Also, because of my demeanor, my “newbie” energy healing clients feel like I “get” them. When I mention that I use to work in technology, that is a real affirmation to them.  They realize they can receive energy healing, and still be a “normal” person!

I encourage you to embrace all aspects of your personality and experiences, and know that things don’t have to be “black or white.” You can move through different parts of your being fluidly, embracing yourself as a whole person, just as I did.