Anxiety and Chest Pain

When a new client comes to me because of anxiety, one of the first questions I ask is “Where do you feel the anxiety in your body?”

About 90% of the time, the client will touch his or her chest.

The client will describe a tightness or constriction in her chest, or will say her chest feels heavy. Sometimes, she’ll say it’s even hard to breathe because her chest hurts so much.

It’s also not unusual for the client’s upper shoulder or shoulders to hurt also. This is because the pain in the chest is radiating out and making their back hurt.

Since I’m an energy healer, I’m going to go “woo” in the explanation about why the client feels the anxiety in his chest.

We have a chakra system in our body. This system is a complex network of energy channels, and chakras are hubs in the system. Chakras process energy and information in and out of the body.

There are seven main chakras, and the heart chakra is one of these.

When a client feels anxiety in his chest, it is because he is overusing (or sometimes underusing) the heart chakra. The chakras should be in balance, meaning all the chakras are used in equal proportion to process energy and emotions.

Instead of being in balance, the client’s heart chakra is either over or under-utilized.

The heart chakra starts in the center of the chest and expands out. This chakra is responsible for love (for self and others) and compassion in one’s life.  

So, if you have anxiety that you often feel in your chest, look at your sense of self-compassion. Look at your sense of self-love. Most likely, you are not being compassionate enough with yourself (in other words, you’re being too hard on yourself).

Is there perfectionism at play in your life? Are you doing too much? Trying to do too many things, and trying to do them all perfectly, is a recipe for anxiety.

It is worth examining the bigger issues and behavior patterns in your life. It is worth examining past traumas and limiting beliefs. All of these things affect your ability to love yourself fully and completely.

We all grow up with significant incidents and occurrences in our lives that shape who we are in the present. Unfortunately, those incidents often cause us to make detrimental judgements about ourselves, affecting our ability to embody self-love.

When we can love ourselves as we are, and forgive ourselves for any past “mistakes” (which were really just learning opportunities), we start to resolve old wounds.

Then, our heart chakra starts to come back into balance.

Then, the chest pain decreases.

And most importantly, the anxiety, dissipates and is no longer part of our lives.