Be Willing to Let the Emotions Move Through You

There is discomfort in many emotions. So many of them do not feel good in the moment.

They make our stomach hurt or our heart ache. They are raw and often untamed. They may even feel wretched.

So, when we know an emotion is going to be painful or difficult, we often shove it down. If we know a specific memory is going to make us feel that painful emotion, we push it aside and refuse to think about it, thus pushing down the emotion.

And, when we do this action repeatedly, this shoving down or pushing aside, we start to feel the effects.

The effects can be chronic physical ailments or body pains. The effects are often severe anger or anxiety.

Since my work as an energy healer focuses primarily on women with high anxiety, I see this phenomena almost daily. Women come to me with a host of issues, which often include anxiety that is so severe it effects their everyday lives – their work, their relationships with family or friends, and their health.

They may complain of insomnia, of chest pain, of headaches or pain in their stomach or throat. They tell me they are constantly “in a fog”, unable to make decisions.

They can’t shut of their brain. It constantly going, constantly whirring. And even though they want it to stop, they can’t seem to make that inner voice

To heal from the body and resolve the anxiety, we must let the emotions move through us. We must use the memory we have been avoiding or suppressing as a tool to access the emotion so that we can actually FEEL it, in all its raw realness.

We must sit with the emotion and experience it. We cannot continue to shove it down.

The way out is through.

And to do that, we must know that we are safe. We can be present with the emotion and know that we can feel it and will still live (thus turning off the “fight or flight” response).

We think we are protecting ourselves when we shove down the emotions. It is a self-preservation mechanism gone awry.

Sitting with the emotion, actually feeling it, becomes easier the more you do it. When you do it successfully once, you realize you can do it again. And again.

And the more you do it, the faster the process becomes as well. Initially, you may feel raw and exposed for hours after feeling the emotion you’ve been shoving down.

The next time, it may only take an hour to return to feeling more at ease.

The next time, it may be only 20 minutes.

Soon, you could get down to just minutes.

It’s a process that takes practice. And the results of feeling really truly good in your life, or feeling joyous and vibrant, are worth it.