Victim vs. Growth Mindset

I recently worked with a young female client over a series of energy healing sessions. She came to me in a state of massive overwhelm – she had been fired from her job. On top of losing her job, she is a single mom with a young daughter to care for.

She was hurt, wounded, reeling and in shock.

Even amid this heavy, emotional storm, I saw right from the beginning that she has a willingness to own up to her “ways of being” that had caused the job loss to occur.

When she told me her story, it was obvious her employer could have done a better job of coaching her and working with her to be a better employee. Even so, she was not caught up in a victim mindset.

A victim mindset (or victim mentality) is a term that refers to a way of thinking in which the person feels persecuted and avoids self-responsibility. Simply put, a person feels things are happening TO them that are out of their control.

They blame others and their circumstances for their unhappiness. It’s always someone else’s fault. It’s always that they are getting put into bad situations, or have bad things happen to them.

A victim mindset is one big pity party.

My client wasn’t at that party. She was ready for positive change in her life and wanted to use energy healing as a way to get there.

She was willing to look at herself, her actions and ways of being as a tool for improvement. She knew that change needs to start from within.

She was ready to use energy healing as a catalyst to peel back the layers, to remove limiting beliefs, heal past traumas and emerge as a new version of herself.

She has a growth mindset.

A growth mindset is when a person believes that she can always improve. People with a growth mindset think that change for themselves and their lives is possible through dedication, commitment and work.

They see occurrences as happening FOR them, not TO them.

This mindset is very powerful and creates resilience.

It’s how one can get up out of bed after being fired, ready to look at themselves honestly and with the attitude that this event can be overcome.

Over our energy healing sessions, I saw my client become calmer and more at peace. She was able to really look at herself and her behavior patterns in a way she had been avoiding in the past.

She stated that she used to live in a fantasy land, where she could just pretend things were okay, where things were going to magically turn out alright.

That pattern shifted for her and I saw an even greater resilience appear. She was stretching herself, seeing what was possible and where she wanted to go in the future.

She was creating a new life for herself and it was magnificent to watch.