Noticing Your Anxiety Triggers

I have been working with a client in a series of energy healing sessions who described herself as having good days, and bad days. Sometimes her anxiety isn’t present at all, and other times it is almost overwhelming.

When I asked her why she thinks it ebbs and flows, she said she really isn’t sure.

I told her that she has “anxiety triggers” and if she can start to keep track of her anxiety levels, she can start to figure out what is elevating her anxiety.

Events, emotions or experiences can be triggers, which cause the symptoms of anxiety to begin or make it worse.

An example that my client gave me is driving in traffic. She notices that if traffic is bad, she’ll start to get very anxious when driving.

Triggers are different from each person, and most people have more than one trigger. Identifying these triggers isn’t always easy, but it is a very important step in overcoming anxiety.

If someone has had very serious trauma (like sexual abuse or domestic violence), the trigger may be obvious, but oftentimes the triggers can be very subtle.

And, without the concerted effort to try to figure out what they are, the triggers can be sneaky. The trigger may cause a subtle, heightened sense of anxiety, so subtle it’s not all that apparent that the trigger occurred.

A personal trigger could be a specific person, a smell, a song, or a place. These triggers can remind you, with or without your awareness, of traumatic experiences of the past.

I told my client to start to keep track of her anxiety and the events that immediately preceded her noticing the anxiety arise. I also told her to look back at what occurred the day before she noticed the anxiety.

She possibly may have had multiple small triggers the day before she really noticed the anxiety. The anxiety was actually slowly rising, but reached a tipping point the next day when she really began to notice it.

How does energy healing (including Reiki) fit in with the healing from anxiety triggers?

Energy healing “creates space” so that you have access to noticing your triggers. An awareness starts to occur that wasn’t accessible before.

Most importantly, energy healing heals at the root cause of anxiety so that your triggers no longer have power over you. They just become another daily part of life without negative meaning.