How to Uncover Limiting Beliefs

When clients come to see me for energy healing, they are typically at a point of frustration. Their lives just aren’t where they want them to be.

They describe themselves as feeling “stuck.” They describes themselves as “anxious” or “having anxiety.”

Some have tried meditating. Some may be in therapy, or are on antidepressants. Sometimes, they haven’t done anything and I’m their first stop and making an improvement in their lives.

Oftentimes, they are astute enough to realize that the way they were brought up is causing their stress or anxiety. They may even have what would be described as “trauma,” an event in their lives (particularly childhood) that was so devastating and hurtful that they have damage from which they are still working on healing in adulthood.

When they see me for a session, I describe at as working on “layers of an onion.” In their session, we may heal the outer layer. Maybe we’ll heal two layers, or maybe three.

Through my psychic abilities, I often pick up on something that happened in their lives that is stuck in their energy field. This trauma is being stored there, blocking the full, healthy flow of their energy system.

I will see imagery that provides me with clues about what happened. Sometimes, I just know things about the client. I piece together the puzzle during the session to know what particular traumas or events need to be healed, or are being healed in the session, so that the client can come back to being her full, radiant self.

When I see imagery that is a clue, I discuss with the client what I saw during the session after I’m done working.

From there, we’re able to get hints (if I or we aren’t already 100% positive what the imagery meant) about what occurred in the client’s life that needs further healing.

This is how limiting beliefs are formed: an event occurs in a person’s life. The person makes a decision about themselves from the event and that decision becomes a limiting belief. It’s trapped in her energetic field and subconscious.

The limiting belief is running the show.  It’s called a LIMITING belief for a reason. It limits the person from her full potential.

An example would be that a girl raises her hand in class in elementary school. The teacher calls on her and she gives the wrong answer. Other kids in the class laugh at her. From that occurrence (which was incredibly embarrassing to her), she develops the limiting belief that she is stupid.

So, she walks through life as an adult thinking she’s stupid. She may not finish college (or even go to college) because she thinks she’s stupid. She may never try to excel in her career because she thinks she is stupid.

While the client and I have healed a layer or layers of the “onion” during her session, quite frequently the client still has work to do to understand what the limiting belief IS, so that she can fully heal from it.

I have a particular method for discovering limiting beliefs that I call the “Dry Erase Marker Method.”

When I discover an instance in my client’s life that was blocking her full flow of energy, I want her to be able to uncover what limiting belief was created by that life event.

To do this, I tell her to write a question to herself on her bathroom mirror, using a dry erase marker. She’ll see the question at least twice a day – when she is getting ready in the morning, and when she is getting ready for bed at night.

The question she writes needs to be phrased in a way that flows well for her, but I usually make suggestions about what she should write.

Examples include “What is my hidden belief about my time in (fill in the blank)?” Or, “Why am I afraid to (fill in the blank)?” Another is “What do I think will happen if I (fill in the blank)?”

I tell the client to read the questions and then go on with her life. She’s not trying to actually figure out the answer on a conscious level.

The brain loves to solve problems and if you give it one to work on, it will do it without you trying.

The energy healing (including the use of Reiki) is a catalyst for the old memories and limiting beliefs to surface so they can be healed if they weren’t fully healed during the session.

Asking questions through the “Dry Erase Marker Method” is actually very powerful. I’ve had numerous clients uncover limiting beliefs through this technique. Once the belief is surfaced, is brought “into the light”, it is no longer operating in the background.

Once the limiting belief is exposed, it can be healed.