You're Doing Too Much

I saw a client this past weekend for an energy healing session and a psychic reading. She told me she has her own business and frequently feels like she is having difficulty making decisions about which direction to head next.

As we talked further, I found out more about her. She doesn’t just “have her own business.” She employs over 50 people.

She is the president of a local civic organization.

She rarely eats at home. Typically, she is meeting with clients, prospective clients, or meeting with board members for every meal of the day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all eaten out.

This may be an extreme example, but this situation is one I see in my energy healing business time and time again.

I work with women who have high anxiety and stress. A massive part of the reason they feel this way is that they are doing too much. Moving from one tasks to the next, from one family obligation to the next. They are high achievers and want to accomplish a lot.

And they want to do it all with a high degree of integrity and caliber.

They are getting caught in a loop of no down time, always being ramped up. When they aren’t doing something, they feel like they are wasting time or being unproductive.

Their autonomic nervous system is on overload, hence the stress and anxiety. Hence the thyroid issues. Hence the massive insomnia.

Does this sound a lot like you?

The real question is: why are you doing too much?

You most likely have limiting beliefs and energetic blocks that were formed in childhood or adolescence. Those blocks in your energy field are limiting your full potential and causing you to play out the same scenario again and again.

You’re looking for a way out. It is possible to do less and have more.

It is possible to feel good, feel relaxed, sleep well and still have a thriving career and a thriving family.

The perpetual cycle of push, push, push isn’t working any longer and there is a way out through energy healing. In removing the limiting beliefs and energetic blocks, the compulsion to keep DOING will disappear and your true nature (which is light, peaceful and calm) will begin to emerge.