I’m the Most Logical, Analytical Energy Healer You’ll Ever Meet

When people who don’t know me meet me for the first time, I often hear comments alluding to the fact that I must have grown up in a spiritually inclined household, or that I must have always been very in touch with my intuitive gifts. It’s an understandable assumption, but not accurate.

My mom did tell me to “trust my gut” frequently when I was growing up, but she didn’t really give me concrete examples of how she trusted her intuition to her benefit, so her telling me to use my intuition was to me, a suggestion without basis.

Also, my immediate and extended family weren’t particularly religious or spiritual, so I didn’t grow up with very much exposure to those viewpoints. I did have an aunt who was “into” tarot cards for a brief phase, but that was about the extent of my metaphysical exposure!

Since I was a small child, I’ve always been extremely logical and analytical.

I’m a true strategist and can easily find and piece together seemingly disparate bits of information, put them together to form a bigger picture, and then make decisions based on the information. I have a master’s degree in library science, and I used to work in technology.

This analytical prowess made me very good at the work I used to do professionally.

I actually love these aspects of my personality. Simply put, being logical and analytical is very useful in life and business.

But, there was another world that opened up for me when I had my first Reiki session. I started sensing other people’s energy when I was sitting next to them. I started seeing my chakra colors when I would go to a yoga class and was in various postures.

I started having undeniably obvious intuitive information come to me that I couldn’t dismiss or “write off.” Because all of these really momentous, completely new experiences were happening to me at a pretty quick pace, I didn’t overanalyze any of them.

These experiences were outside my normal process of researching EVERYTHING, questioning and analyzing. It was a completely different world, and I just decided to go with the flow because I was actually having a lot of fun with all of these really weird things that were happening to me.

Years later, after that first Reiki experience I am now a very different, dual sided person, in the best way. I’m still logical and analytical, but I’m very spiritual and highly intuitive. It’s like I became a far more balanced person, whereas before, I was tilted really, really far over to one side. I was completely out of touch with an aspect of myself that is just as valuable as the “left brain” side.

Now I utilize both my logic AND my intuition in my personal life, to make decisions about my business, and to help serve my clients. It is truly the best of both worlds. 

A large portion of the clients who come to see me have never had an energy healing session before and because of my analytical, logical side, I’m able to clearly articulate to them, in a very relatable way, how and why energy healing works.

Also, because of my demeanor, my “newbie” energy healing clients feel like I “get” them. When I mention that I use to work in technology, that is a real affirmation to them.  They realize they can receive energy healing, and still be a “normal” person!

I encourage you to embrace all aspects of your personality and experiences, and know that things don’t have to be “black or white.” You can move through different parts of your being fluidly, embracing yourself as a whole person, just as I did.