Why Today's Modern Woman Needs Energy Healing

You know her: the woman who is overworked and overstressed. She is running to work and then home to let the dog out before spin class. She’s driving too fast to spin class because she needs to get there on time, even though she’s supposed to be going, in part, to destress.

Now, she’s running back home to eat and do laundry and check work emails again before bed, forgetting to put the laundry in the dryer. Or maybe she is your friend with kids, making Pinterest-worthy Bento box lunches for the kids every morning, constantly chauffeuring them from one activity to another, volunteering at their school, too busy on the weekends to get together because of soccer games?

Maybe one of these women I am describing is you.

We live in a world of non-stop action, of constant phone-checking, of comparison, and of perfectionism. The problem is, we’re unhealthier and unhappier than we’ve ever been.

We know we should be exercising, eating healthy, and practicing “self-care.” But, for some reason, no matter what we try, we just can’t seem to relax or turn off the constant chatter in our heads.

We try a bit of “self-care” (the new phrase that popped up in recent years to show how far we’ve wandered from taking care of ourselves) by getting a pedicure, or a massage, or maybe even an entire spa day.

But, the stress quickly comes back, and we’re caught in the same loop again of stress and dissatisfaction.

Many women realize that the life they are living and the pace they are living it isn’t sustainable.

Some may be experiencing health problems from stress and are reevaluating their priorities, knowing their bodies literally cannot continue to live the life they are living.

There is a simple and accessible fix to this overworked and overstressed life style. The fix is energy healing.

Energy healing has existed for thousands of years, in different forms, in different cultures. Every woman has an energetic body, in addition to her physical body. The energetic body has layers that extend outside of the physical body, forming an interconnected system.

You’ve probably heard of women “storing” trauma in their physical bodies (such as getting ulcers from stress). The same happens with the energetic body as well. We store stress, emotions, and traumas in our energetic bodies.

Energy healing can harmonize and clear the energetic field, restoring it to balance.

Energy healing is highly effective, and the relaxation and healing that a woman feels during her session, and in the days following, can permanently alter how she “shows up in the world.”

Energy healing can break through long-held behavior and emotional patterns, creating a big shift in her life and be a new set-point for lasting change.