Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine

In my energy healing business, I typically work with women clients and the large majority of them are very vocal and detailed about why they are coming to work with me and the outcome they hope to achieve.

I am honored and humbled by their authenticity and how candid they are about their personal issues that they share with me.  

A male client recently came in for a session with me. He was not at all like my typical client and wouldn't provide me with very much information about why he was coming to see me.

He told me he needed a session for anxiety. I had to prod a bit to get more details, but all he would share is that work was very stressful for him. 

During his energy healing session, very specific intuitive information came through. I knew he grew up in a house where there were clearly defined gender roles and ideas about what it meant "to be a man." I also got the impression that sports, particularly football, were emphasized as being important.

After the session, I told the client about the intuitive information I received. He validated the information by telling me he is one of three brothers and that his mom owned a dance studio and that his father was concerned their sexual preferences would be shaped by being in the studio too much. Instead of taking dance classes, his dad wanted them to play sports, specifically football. 

I told the client that we all have both divine masculine and divine feminine aspects and that it is important that they are in balance and harmony.

I told him I thought his anxiety was due to inherent, limiting beliefs he had that came from his father and that he wasn't in balance because he was repressing his natural divine feminine qualities. Not embracing his full nature was the cause of a lot of his anxiety. 

Masculine qualities include logic, reason, action, rationality and strength. 

Feminine qualities include intuition, gentleness, expressiveness, patience and flexibility.

I encourage you to start to examine if you are in balance. Do you default to one way of being more than the other? Personally, I naturally default to the Divine Masculine. 

There are times in life when it is necessary and advantageous to utilize either energy. But consistently and unintentionally defaulting to one way of being will cause discord and issues (both emotional and physical).

I think that the social paradigm of our society operating under a very masculine energy has caused issues for women, resulting in stress and anxiety. We’re not letting our feminine side surface when it needs to, particularly at work, which is many of us spend the majority of the time.

This constant masculine drive has a hard edge to it and is a constant push. There is a lack of softness in this approach, and the stifling of the feminine energy is essential us stuffing down a big part of our true nature.

If we want to be healthy (both physically and emotionally), we have to be in balance, and utilize the different energies to our advantage, calling on them when we need them. We must embrace both the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves.

It takes a true level of self-awareness that we all can achieve, with practice, to bring ourselves more into balance.

I’d love to work with you in a series of one-on-one sessions so that we can bring to a state of balance.