In-Office Teen or Adult Session

I incorporate a variety of tools in your energy healing session: Reiki (an energy healing modality), crystals, essential oils and a pendulum. You will lie on a treatment table, fully clothed.

Sensations vary from person to person, but almost always include immense relaxation.

I also conduct an aura scan during and will remove any blocks, constrictions or etheric cords (this is also known as cord cutting) between you and another person that are no longer useful.

I am highly intuitive, so I take notes during the session and give you any information that comes through for you to hear.

  • In-office teen or adult session: $125 (50 minute session)

    • Add a 30 minute psychic reading to your session for $53 (regular price is $62) or a 60 minute reading for $107 (regular price is $125).

  • In-office child session: $62 (30 minute session)

  • Pet healing (in-office or in-home): $62+

  • I also offer in-home sessions. Price is dependent on your location in the Austin area: $170+