In-Office Session

Here is your first step to transformation out of chronic stress and anxiety.

Feel heard, cared for and supported.

In your session, you’ll receive customized healing which includes Reiki (an energy healing modality), the use of specific crystals for your particular needs, and essential oils for emotional support.

You will lie on a treatment table fully clothed.

Sensations vary from person to person, but almost always include immense relaxation.

After the session, we’ll have a post-session discussion about what you experienced during the session and what I noticed both energetically and intuitively. You’ll walk away from the session with clear guidance and steps you can take to continue to heal.

  • In-office session: $143 (60 minute session)

  • Add a 30 minute psychic reading to your session for $71 (regular price is $80) or a 60 minute reading for $125 (regular price is $143).

  • I also offer in-home sessions. Price is dependent on your location in the Austin area: $190+

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