Home or Business Energy Clearing

An energy clearing, also known as space clearing, removes discordant energies and "stuck" emotions from your home or business. Feel more productive, positive and harmonious in your space.

I help home owners sell their home faster, for top dollar, through energy clearings.

I help home buyers make a "fresh start" in the home they just purchased, removing the energetic frequencies of the previous occupants. Make that house feel like it's yours, right from the start.

Business owners boost productivity, team work and abundance from an energy clearing in your place of business. Clearings also help with employee satisfaction and retention. 

  • For a home or business up to 2000 sq. ft.: $250

  • For a home or business up to 3000 sq. ft.: $350

  • For a home or business up to 4000 sq. ft.: $450

  • Custom pricing for spaces over 4000 sq. ft.

  • A travel fee may apply for locations outside the metro Austin area

  • I offer a "membership" program with monthly clearings for a reduced price with a year commitment

Contact Heather at 512-417-9413 or heather@theenergysynergist.com to schedule your clearing.

I listed my home over six months ago without any offers and pulled it from the market. After reducing the home price and incorporating some staging, I decided to re-list it. Heather came in for a house clearing which was sorely needed.

Upon entering the home, she detected some energy imbalances - even a lot flickering lights. After two hours of her work, the house felt lighter, fresher and more peaceful. She picked up on a water leak in the master bedroom. She was spot on; we had a previously repaired spot in the ceiling there. Heather felt that it was still unresolved and we should further investigate. She mentioned that a leak in the house drains your resources.

Not only was Heather terrific with communication, she was kind, informative, honest and good at what she does. I highly recommend a house clearing whether you’re selling or buying. As a new realtor, I can’t wait to refer Heather to my clients. She definitely can help you get that house sold.
— Ann Marie Sosa, Owner/Agent, Austin, TX
Heather has been working on our space and after she leaves, we feel more positive and energetic.

Many clients who have been through difficult situations visit our office and the energy clearing makes such a difference in lightening the space.
— Mia Johns, Director, Austin Dress for Success