Distance Healing 

Perhaps you’re not in the Austin area…

Or are simply too busy to find the time to come into the office for a session…

Distance healing, also known as absent healing or remote healing, is just as effective as in-person. You’ll receive the same level of care, healing and guidance.

$125 per session, which will take place either on the phone, or virtually via FaceTime or a Zoom call.

To book a distance healing session, email me at heather@theenergysynergist.com

I had a wonderfully relaxing session with Heather and I didn’t even have to leave my bed! She did distance Reiki on me as I’d been having a hard time sleeping for a few weeks. The session was so grounding and calming, I was able to fall asleep and sleep through the night after. First time in WEEKS!

Thank you, Heather, for sharing your amazingly healing gift with the world!
— Ashley M.
Twice, I have had a distance Reiki session with Heather for physical/health ailments and have experienced rapid healing and relief following each session. Prior to the sessions I was advised to be in a comfortable relaxed place and position; well I was, and fell into a deep sleep each time and then awoke feeling revived and better than before. Heather is a gifted healer, and I highly recommend her services.
— Cheryl V.