About Heather, The Energy Synergist

A few years ago, I had a severe autoimmune reaction. At the same time, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and my younger daughter was having health issues as well.

I felt overwhelmed and incredibly stressed. I wound up having a Reiki session that changed my life.

During the session, I felt sensations of floating and sinking, and saw bursts of color behind my eyes. After the session, I went out to my car and laughed for minutes straight.

I decided then to do "all things Reiki" and became a Reiki master.

Over the years, I've also cultivated other energy healing tools and have opened my intuitive abilities.

It's my intention to provide energy healing to help you move through the challenges in your life and become the best version of yourself. 

I'm fun, lighthearted and my goal is to make your experience with energy healing truly wonderful.